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Penguins at Seno Otway
From Puerto Natales, we travelled to Punta Arenas where we spent a night before catching our flight back to Santiago the following day. Ray had found a small bed and breakfast (Hostel Danahue on O' Higgins and Colon) the day flying home and we stayed in the same place. It was cheap, clean, and the proprietress was very friendly. We bought both lunch and dinner from a hypermart nearby (Abu Gosch) and brought it back to eat. While in Punta Arenas, we visited Seno Otway, where a colony of about 3000 Magellanic penguins live, where we got really close to baby and adult penguins and recorded some of their noises. Listen to an adult penguin squawk!

crw_4368 The penguins would wait till the bridge was clear of people before dashing under it. crw_4375 Penguins checking out the scenery. crw_4380 Adult penguin with its baby. crw_4385 Adult penguin in the burrow. I peeked in and saw a baby penguin as well. crw_4389 Parent penguin grooming the contented looking baby penguin. This parent spent a long time grooming. crw_4422 This penguin stood by the trail and squawked a lot. crw_4423 This penguin stood by the trail and squawked a lot. crw_4431 Parent penguin with a flipper on the baby penguin.