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Mount Shasta - Avalanche Gulch

Ray, Scott, Paul, I and went to Mount Shasta over the 4th of July weekend in 2006. I'd never done the regular route on Shasta before and wanted to give it a go. For Scott and Ray, it was their first time mountaineering so Paul taught them some basic techniques that they practiced. Avalanche Gulch is a good first time climb because it's relatively easy and doesn't require much experience. We got a late start the first day and arrived at 50/50 camp (9400 ft) at 1915 hrs where we promptly set up camp and started preparing for the summit day. We left at 0215 hrs, headed up and were back by noon. Glissading down from the Red Banks was somewhat sketchy since the snow remained fairly icy even at mid-morning; I had to carefully control my speed because it was easy to fly out of control.

crw_7383 Sunset on Green Butte from 50/50 camp. crw_7385 Scott and Paul watching Ray practice self-arrest. crw_7396 Me taking a photo of Paul resting at sunrise above the Red Banks crw_7403 Tents camped above the Red Banks. crw_7410 Paul having a snack. crw_7420 Me and my shadow. crw_7430 Climbers applying sunscreen just below the Thumb. crw_7435 The shadow of Mount Shasta just after sunrise. crw_7437 Paul taking a breather. crw_7451 Climbers heading to the final summit slopes. crw_7468 Obligatory summit poses. crw_7475 Whitney Glacier bergshrund. crw_7477 Obligatory summit poses. crw_7486 Unknown blue lake on the south side of Mount Shasta.