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Matthes Crest - Yosemite National Park

Rich, Paul, Sam, and I traversed Matthes Crest on 30 Sept 2006. The Matthes Crest traverse is one of the best alpine climbs I've done so far. The climbing is easy but very enjoyable and the approach, although relatively long, is very scenic. I roped up with Rich Cannings while Paul climbed with Sam. Rich and I roped up for the initial two pitches up the crest and then for a short class 5 section in the middle; we took about 2.5 hrs to traverse to the South Summit with numerous breaks to admire the scenery. On the way out, I saw my best Sierra sunset so far, but I had unfortunately left my tripod in the car to save weight.

_mg_1104 Rich starting up Matthes Crest. _mg_1119 Sam at the first belay. _mg_1121 Sam at the first belay. _mg_1126 Rich at the end of the second pitch. _mg_1138 Rich stowing away the rope. We climbed mostly unroped from here to the South Summit. _mg_1156 Looking south back at the crest. The tiny climber with the white helmet is Sam. _mg_1164 Looking north toward the rest of the crest with the sierra wave overhead. _mg_1170 Rich checking out the topo while waiting for Sam and Paul. _mg_1175 Rich checking out the options along the crest. _mg_1181 Sam and Paul halfway along the crest. _mg_1199 Rich strolling along the crest. _mg_1219 Sam approaching the south summit. _mg_1230 Sam, Paul, and Rich hanging out on the south summit. _mg_1239 Sam, me, Rich with most of the crest behind us. _mg_1252 Paul on the last rap off the crest. _mg_1271 Hiking out with Cathedral Peak on the left. _mg_1275 Hiking out with nasty looking weather above Mt Conness in the background. _mg_1296 Stormy sunset over northern Yosemite. _mg_1301 Stormy sunset over northern Yosemite.