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Lost Arrow Spire Tip - Yosemite National Park

Clint Cummins organized an informal trip for 11 people to the Lost Arrow Spire Tip on April 7. We hiked up to the rim, set up the rappel into the notch, and we had three teams leading the climb. The first team set up the Tyrolean traverse for the rest of the group to traverse across. I followed Rich up both pitches of the climb and cleaned the gear. Surprisingly, the exposure didn't bother me even though I thought it would. In all, we took about 12 hours car to car; unfortunately, only 8 out of 11 people made it across because we had a late start to the day. I also regretted leaving my nice camera at home for this trip.

crw_8514 Yosemite Falls and Lost Arrow Spire on the approach. crw_8522 Group yoga session at the rim. Chris is amazed by Rich's hip flexibility. crw_8525 More group yoga. crw_8530 Jared and Justin on the first rappel into the notch. crw_8534 Chris, Justin, and Jared on the first rappel with the Lost Arrow tip on the right. crw_8538 Jared, Justin, Ben, and Steve in the notch. crw_8541 Rich on the second rappel into the Lost Arrow Spire notch. Yosemite falls in the lower right. crw_8547 Jared on the Tyrolean as seen from the notch. crw_8551 Yosemite Falls from the Salathe Ledge (belay ledge for the second pitch). crw_8553 Rich and Lena at  the Salathe Ledge. crw_8558 Koichi standing at the start of the second rappel to the Lost Arrow Spire notch. Chris McGuinness on the Tyrolean with Clint Cummins standing at the rim. crw_8561 Rich setting up Lena's ascenders for the second pitch. crw_8562 Lena starting to jumar up the second pitch. koichi-lostarrow-eujin-03 I'm jumaring up to the top of the tip. Photo by Koichi Yamaguchi.