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Stanford Alpine Club Lead Climbing Workshop (2)
For the second weekend of the Lead Climbing workshop, we went to Tollhouse Rock.

crw_5841 Bryan in some bushes belaying Paul. A rattlesnake later appeared at the belay spot. crw_5846 Caroline belaying Danielle on Elephant Walk. crw_5847 Caroline moving into the shady belay spot after Danielle clears the detached flake. crw_5874 Danielle having a good time on Elephant Walk. crw_5875 Adrian at a good rest spot. crw_5879 Bjorn enjoying his share of the shade. crw_5880 Caroline tucked away in the shady belay spot. crw_5909 Campfire. No one stayed still enough to be recognizable except for Bjorn on the far right. crw_5913 Moonrise over the trees. crw_5920 Caroline getting ready to do some mock leads on the second day. crw_5926 Chris checking out a climb with Tollhouse's gorgeous colours in the background. crw_5928 Jared not doing too well in the heat. crw_5931 Chris making good use of the slab.