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Stanford Alpine Club Lead Climbing Workshop (1)
For the first weekend of the Lead Climbing workshop, we went to Yosemite valley where we practiced setting up anchors for top ropes using nuts and cams. We also practiced multi-pitch techniques by following the more experienced climbers on multi-pitch climbs. Martin and I climbed the Nutcracker (5.8, 5 pitches) following Chris Chan on the second day. It's awkward using a bulky SLR on class 5 climbs if you don't have a belay ledge so I didn't take any photos other than at the start and at the end of the second pitch, both of which had nice ledges.

crw_5628 Matt showing how to handle rope and anchors on multi-pitch climbs. crw_5629 Jesse preparing to top rope a 5.10a slab, belayed by Martin. Adrian bouldering in the background with Ben observing. crw_5632 Patrick and Caroline coiling ropes. crw_5636 Paul on a nice 5.6 flake. crw_5645 Jesse climbing the 5.10a slab at Swan Slabs. crw_5661 Matt and Jared commenting on climbing form. crw_5670 Paul belayed by Danielle on the 5.10c variation of the slab climb with spectators in the background. crw_5675 Paul almost done with all the slabby parts. Martin, Ben, and Caroline watching in the background. crw_5680 Matt showing his approval. crw_5682 Jared leading a 5.6 corner to set up a top rope. crw_5688 I'm climbing the 5.10a slab/crack. I hate slabs. crw_5695 Almost at the top of the slab. crw_5701 Chris leading the first pitch of the Nutcracker (5.8) while Danielle struggles past the tree with the large pack. From what I can tell, getting the pack past the tree was the crux for her. crw_5704 Danielle almost past the tree while Chris waits on a nice ledge. crw_5722 Chris enjoying the shade while waiting on the first pitch. crw_5727 Danielle almost at the top of the lieback crack. crw_5733 Chris stemming halfway up the 5.8 lieback crack while deciding what piece to put in. crw_5734 Chris decides on a cam. crw_5738 Chris moving on past the piece. crw_5746 Danielle heading up the third pitch of the Nutcracker while belayed by Matt in the background. crw_5751 Chris and a climber couple waiting on the big ledge at the start of the third pitch. We waited 2 hours on this ledge for earlier climbers to pass. 2 other parties bailed here and rappelled down. crw_5752 Chris traversing to the starting crack on the third pitch of the Nutcracker. crw_5753 Chris heading up the crack with the granite walls of Yosemite valley in the background. crw_5754 Chris heading up the crack with the granite walls of Yosemite valley in the background. crw_5757 Chris hand jamming up the crack with perfect clear blue skies. In the background, Danielle and another party are at the end of the third pitch. crw_5762 Chris waiting at a solid stance on near the top of the third pitch while waiting for the human traffic jam to clear at the belay station for the fourth pitch.