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Sand Dunes
We did a short hike to the sand dunes near Stovepipe Wells on the second day.

deathvalley24 deathvalley25 A well camouflaged lizard. deathvalley26 deathvalley27-n1 Walking ahead of Serene. Taken by Nancy. deathvalley27 deathvalley24-x1 Walking ahead again. Taken by Xuanming. deathvalley28 On top of a sand dune. deathvalley29 deathvalley27-n2 Waiting for Serene to get up the dune. I look like a taskmaster. Taken by Nancy. deathvalley27-n3 Taken by Nancy. deathvalley24-x2 Taken by Xuanming. deathvalley30 Wind patterns on the side of the dune. deathvalley43 We stopped at the dunes on the way back because they were glowing softly in the late afternoon light. deathvalley43-n Unusual clouds over sand dunes. Taken by Nancy.