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Wildflowers on Highway 178
We entered Death Valley on Highway 178 crossing over Salisbury Pass. We stopped a few times after the pass to see clumps of wildflowers and I was beginning to think that a few clusters of wildflowers are what passes as spectacular blooms in the desert. I was fortunately proven wrong when we started descending into the valley. The ground is literally covered with blooms and is an amazing sight. I was particularly amazed because I had visited Death Valley a couple of times previously and it looked quite desolate.

deathvalley01 Desert-Star. deathvalley02 Desert-Star. deathvalley07-n1 Serene says I look like an adventurer in this photo. Taken by Nancy. deathvalley03 deathvalley07-n2 Xuanming and I checking out the small clusters of flowers that we first came across. Taken by Nancy. deathvalley04 Fremont Phacelia. deathvalley05 Desert-Star. deathvalley08-n2 Getting down low to get a close up of some flowers. Taken by Nancy. deathvalley06 deathvalley07 deathvalley08 Chia. deathvalley09 Brittlebush. deathvalley10 Brittlebush. deathvalley11 Desert Sand Verbena. deathvalley12 Desert Gold. deathvalley13 A field of desert gold flowers. deathvalley14 A field of desert gold flowers. deathvalley15 A field of desert gold flowers. deathvalley08-n1 Xuanming, Serene, and I in the background. Taken by Nancy. deathvalley15-n Serene and I crouching among the desert gold wildflowers. Taken by Nancy.