Dominica is the nature island of the Caribbean and it has everything from diving to hiking in volcanic terrain. It's less touristy than most other Caribbean destinations and it shows in the attitude of the people and the prices. I stayed for a week in Dominica and tried scuba diving for the first time. I liked it so much that I did it three times. If you're in Dominica, I recommend Nature Island Dive; I had a very good time diving and snorkelling with them.

Roseau  |  Total images: 9  |  Date added: 06 Mar 2005
We stayed in the Fort Young Hotel for the week. Our room was directly over the ocean and had a balcony where we could see the sunset. The restaurant La Robe Creole just across the road from the hotel serves excellent seafood.
Boiling Lake  |  Total images: 23  |  Date added: 06 Mar 2005
The hike to Boiling Lake is about 3 hours each way (10 or 11 miles round trip) and it wasn't very difficult. Unfortunately, the lake had stopped boiling a few months ago but at least it wasn't dry. A guide is recommended for this trail but after hiking the trail, I would say that the trail is quite well marked and a guide is probably unnecessary if you're used to hiking. We sat in a hot pool on the way back and also swam in Titou Gorge at the beginning of the trail. Titou Gorge is a narrow gorge that ends at a small waterfall, which we swam up to see.
Middleham Falls  |  Total images: 8  |  Date added: 06 Mar 2005
The hike to Middleham falls (about 300 feet in height) starts near Laudat and takes about an hour each way. You're supposed to be able to swim at the base of the falls but the water looked a little choppy and we didn't go in. I was about to leave because it was getting dark when I realised that my lens had water on it because of the mist from the falls. The water, unfortunately, marred a few otherwise good photos.
Emerald Pool  |  Total images: 5  |  Date added: 06 Mar 2005
Emerald Pool was our last stop in Dominica. We drove there close to sunset and had the normally crowded pool all to ourselves. It's an easy 10 minute walk from the trailhead and is well worth the drive from Roseau.
Scuba Diving  |  Total images: 7  |  Date added: 06 Mar 2005
I took my camera along on the boat for our last dive in Dominica at Champagne Bay. We also snorkelled there a few days ago to experience the underwater vents bubbling gas but diving there is much better. It was the best of the three dives and among other things, we saw a large turtle hiding under a ledge, a rare large cornet, lobsters, some sort of flying fish, moray eels. We also dived along Scott's Head wall and Coral Garden. Snorkelling near Scott's Pinnacle is also excellent. From the sea off Champagne Bay, we saw the set for Pirates of the Caribbean 2 and 3 being built on some cliffs.