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Copan, Honduras
From Panajachel, we went back to Antigua and caught the 4 am bus to Copan the next day. We went with Atitrans, and I recommend that everyone should avoid them. The guy at the office told us that the driver would drop us at our hostel in Guatemala City but we were told otherwise by our driver on the return trip from Copan. He refused to send us to our hostel and instead left us at a shopping center where we took a cab to our hostel from there. So, I'd have to say to avoid Atitrans in Antigua.
Apart from the transportation hassles, I felt that Copan was worth the commute from Antigua. The ruins themselves weren't very impressive but the sculptures were the best we saw at the Mayan ruins we visited. Copan also has a large number of wild and captive macaws that swoop along the pathways in the jungle. It is quite an experience to walk along the pathways in the jungle, and then see and hear a trio of macaws squawking overhead. The museum in the ruins are well worth the US $5 admission fee; it's small but very well laid out and the exhibits are very impressive, especially the sculpture of a crane with a fish in its mouth.

_mg_0188 Replica of Stelae A (shows the ruler 18 Rabbit). _mg_0221 The hieroglyphic stairway. The greenish tint comes from the tarp overhead, protecting the stairway from further deterioration. _mg_0225 Macaw heads decorating the sides of the Mayan ball court. _mg_0233 Dappled sunlight on lichen covered stones. _mg_0238 Hieroglyphics on a wall. _mg_0259 Sculpture of 18 Rabbit showing the ritual scarring across his face. _mg_0274 Antonio, a guide, explaining something about the ruins. _mg_0290 Skull sculpture still unexcavated. _mg_0295 Cows and cars share the road. _mg_0301 Hieroglyphic stela in the museum. _mg_0332 The most impressive sculpture in Copan. In the center is a depiction of a crane with a fish in its beak and a human head in its body. To the left and right are depictions of a waterfall. _mg_0364 Macaw on the barbed wire fence. _mg_0391 Tame macaws waiting for food. _mg_0402 A curious macaw checking if Serene is going to feed it.