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Guatemala City
Our last day in Guatemala was spent in Guatemala City. We stayed in Hostel Hermano Pedro, a small bed and breakfast 2 minutes from the airport that is run by a really nice lady and her family. The lady's cooking is excellent and we enjoyed our two nights in her B&B. The address is 6a Av. 20-53, Zona 13, Aurora II, Gautemala, Ciudad, and the phone number is (502) 2332-4474. We visited the Museum of Archaelogy and Ethnology, which was small but had many interesting exhibits from Mayan sites. Unfortunately, the hall of jade in the museum is closed on weekends and we didn't get to see the famous jade mask from Tikal. We also went to the zoo, which was surprisingly well laid out and had many animals; we saw many animals native to South and Central America that we'd never seen before. Unfortunately, they didn't have any Quetzals, which are apparently quite rare these days.

_mg_1024 Moulds for making figurines. _mg_1036 Magnificant Throne 1 with two carved heads excavated from Piedras Negras (means black stones). _mg_1046 Stela 12 (672 AD) from Piedras Negras depicting a cowering captive king begging for mercy. _mg_1055 Guatemalans being pelted by falling balls in the Museo del Nino. _mg_1064 Scale model of Tikal. _mg_1072 Wooden lintel from El Zotz depicting a ruler dressed in war regalia and holding a staff of war and sacrifice. _mg_1074 Wooden lintel depicting a king from Temple III in Tikal.