Up one level Borobudur and Prembanan, Indonesia

Borobudur and Prembanan, Indonesia
From Singapore, we made a quick 2 day trip to Indonesia on the 14 and 15 of December in 2009. We flew into Yogjakarta in the morning and located a reliable looking taxi to bring us to Borobudur where we stayed at the Manohara hotel. The hotel is run by the park authorities that maintain Borobudur and is surprisingly cheap and nice considering that it is the only hotel on the grounds of Borobudur. From our room, we walked to Borobudur in a few minutes (bypassing the hordes of touts outside the gates trying to sell trinkets to tourists) and spent the afternoon exploring the temple complex.
Borobudur is a Buddhist temple and is estimated to have been built around 800 AD, taking 75 years to construct. It was abandoned at some point and lost before being rediscovered in the early 19th century. We enjoyed our time exploring the temple and woke up early the next day to catch the sunrise (another good reason to stay on the temple grounds). From Borobudur, we took another taxi to Prembanan, a Hindu temple complex outside of Yogjakarta where we spent the afternoon. We walked around Yogjakarta in the evening before catching our flight home the next morning.

_mg_0719 Architectural model of Borobudur showing the 9 platforms and 72 stupas _mg_0725 Relief panel around the inner wall of Borobudur on the middle level img_1937 Eu-Jin at Borobudur. Taken by Serene _mg_0729 Serene checking out the relief panels at Borobudur _mg_0763 Seated Buddha statue at Borobudur _mg_0768 Buddha statue at the upper levels of Borobudur _mg_0772 Serene looking at the carved gargoyles img_1960 Carved gargoyle and seated Buddha.  Taken by Serene img_2002 Taken by Serene _mg_0882 Stupas at the upper platforms at Borobudur _mg_0901 Serene taking a break on a stupa _mg_0919 There is a statue of Buddha inside every stupa img_2019 Local school children examining the inside of a stupa. Taken by Serene _mg_0953 Eu-Jin and Serene _mg_0962 Borobudur at sunrise with Mount Merbabu and Merapi _mg_1033 Stupas at the upper platforms at Borobudur img_2111 Stupas at the upper platforms at Borobudur. Taken by Serene img_2118 Stupas at the upper platforms at Borobudur. Taken by Serene _mg_1126 East side of Borobudur _mg_1143 Poor safety procedures while restoring the temple at Prambanan