Up one level Kauai, 13-17 May 2009 » Plane


We went on a plane ride with Wings over Kauai. We went up with Bruce, who runs the company, and he was great at pointing out all the sights from the air. The aerial view of Kauai really added a lot to the trip fun level. Ray is a flight instructor and flew the plane on this trip. It's probably easier to get nice panoramic photos from an airplane than a helicopter because the airplane flies higher and so you're better able to appreciate the sweeping landscape. On the other hand, a helicopter brings you much closer, and I can imagine that the waterfalls and pali are quite spectacular up close.

_mg_1325 South Shore of Kauai _mg_1326 Kauai Coastline _mg_1348 Waimea Canyon _mg_1354 Waimea Canyon _mg_1359 Waimea Canyon State Park _mg_1368 Honopu Valley Cliffs, Na Pali Coast. For perspective, spot the  helicopter in the center of the picture. _mg_1372 Honopu Beach, Na Pali Coast _mg_1377 Honopu Valley Cliffs, Na Pali Coast, Kauai _mg_1391 Kalalau Valley and Beach, Na Pali Coast, Kauai _mg_1408 Na Pali Coast _mg_1419 Na Pali Coast _mg_1428 Forest in Kauai. They look like broccoli florets from the air. _mg_1435 Cliffside Waterfall _mg_1466 Wailua Falls