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White Sands National Monument

Lake Lucero is part of the White Sands National Monument but is located within the White Sands Missile Range. Lake Lucero is pretty cool because it's the source of the white sand (gypsum) that makes up the sand dunes in the national monument. There are lots of gypsum crystals on the ground that crystallize after being washed down from the nearby mountains. They have a trip every month into Lake Lucero (you can't get into the missile range at other times) that coincided with our trip. In White Sands National Monument, we hiked the Alkali Flat trail, which is quite a pleasant walk over the white sand dunes.

_mg_0566 Serena and Serene examining the gypsum crystals at Lake Lucero img_1811 A thin piece of gypsum crystal (selenite) _mg_0577 Serene checking out some selenite on the ground _mg_0597 _mg_0606 img_1839 Standing next to some selenite _mg_0615 Serene jumping for joy at Lake Lucero _mg_0621 A couple on top of a dune at White Sands. _mg_0645 Serena, Serene, and Ray on the Alkali Flat trail _mg_0666 Serene and Serena at the end of the Alkali Flat trail _mg_0690 Buried trail marker for the Alkali Flat trail, White Sands National Monument _mg_0702 White Sands National Monument img_1892 Serene emptying her shoes after the Alkali Flats hike