Up one level Peru - Cordillera Huayhuash and Blanca, 11 June to 3 July 2007 » Cordillera Huayhuash Circuit - Day 8 → 12

Cordillera Huayhuash Circuit - Day 8 → 12

Day 8 - Cuyoc Pampa (4500 m) → Catatambo (4265 m) crossing San Antonio pass (5025 m). San Antonio pass was the most dramatic pass we crossed and had the best views. Emily, Zac, and I scrambled up to the 5079 m high point along the ridge next to the pass where the views were even better. From our camp, we took about 2 hours to reach the top of the pass. The descent was very mild compared to Paria Punta and we made short work of it, reaching Catatambo around 11 am.

Day 9 - Catatambo (4265 m) - Rest day. We took a side trip to visit the Siula Grande base camp (made famous by the book and movie "Touching the void"), and also to an overlook to get views of Siula Grande and Yerupaja. The views were nice, but nothing compared to what we'd seen the previous day.

Day 10 - Catatambo (4265 m) → Huayllapa (3600 m). A very short day, just two hours of walking before we reached Huayllapa. We had a very short day because we planned for a Pachamanca that night at Zac's sister's house in Huayllapa. Our staff bought a lamb and two guinea pigs, and then prepared them with the help of Zac's sister. The meat was cooked by being buried with hot stones and earth, and was incredibly tasty. That night, we stayed in a small hostel for 7 soles each.

Day 11 - Huayllapa (3600 m) → Rio Alchin (3850 m) crossing Tapush Punta (4800 m). Despite the 1200 m elevation gain, this day was quite easy. We saw 8 condors circling overhead about an hour from Tapush Punta; Ray, Serene, and Emily were lucky enough to have a few condors fly within a few meters. We camped along the Rio Alchin, which wasn't a great camp site but it was our last night.

Day 12 - Rio Alchin (3850 m) → Llamac (3300 m). We climbed a short distance to reach an aqueduct and we walked along it for an hour or so before intersecting with the main trail to Llamac. We were back in Llamac by 1130 am and left for Huaraz at 1230 pm, having had a great time on the circuit.

_mg_1787 Serene and Zac about 150 m from the top of the San Antonio pass (middle of the picture). _mg_1793 Serene looking pleased that she didn't have to walk over San Antonio pass today. _mg_1818 Looking into Quebrada Sarapococha from the 5079 m high point west of San Antonio pass. Laguna Jurau in the bottom right. img_0539 Zach, Eu-Jin, and Emily scrambling up to the 5079 m point west of San Antonio pass. Taken by Raymond Woo. _mg_1823 The Nevados Puscanturpas from the 5079 m high point west of San Antonio pass. _mg_1840 Emily and Ray descending San Antonio pass toward Laguna Jurau. _mg_1848 Sarapo (6127 m) from our camp at Cutatambo (4265 m). _mg_1867 Our camp at Cutatambo (4265 m). _mg_1882 Checking out abandoned mining equipment in Quebrada Sarapococha. _mg_1884 San Antonio pass is the low point on the left of the ridge. 2/3 of the descent route can be seen in the photo. _mg_1888 Zac bouldering near the Siula Grande base camp in Quebrada Sarapococha. _mg_1907 Ray looking at Rasac (6017 m) and Yerupaja (6617 m) from an overlook above Laguna Sarapococha. _mg_1933 The waterfall across from our camp in Cutatambo. _mg_1939 Remains of the sheep for our pachamanca in Huayllapa. _mg_1940 Remains of the sheep for our pachamanca in Huayllapa. _mg_1947 Zac, Juan-Carlos, Fernando, and Sonya uncovering the buried pachamanca. _mg_1954 Picking out the food from the Pachamanca. The guinea pig is on the bottom left. _mg_1975 Ray and Emily approaching Tapush Punta (4750 m). _mg_1979 Laguna Susococha (4748 m) from Tapush Punta (4750 m). _mg_1981 Our mules heading down Quebrada Gashapampa from Tapush Punta. _mg_1990 The turquoise waters of Quebrada Ocshapata. _mg_1998 Flowering cactus. _mg_2001 Lenticular clouds over Jirishanca Norte (5989 m) , Jirishanca (6094 m), Yerupaja Chico (6089 m), El Toro (5965 m). _mg_2021 The Cordillera Huayhuash about an hour from Chiquian.