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We visited the Inca ruins at Qenko and the nearby site of Sacsayhuaman on our last full day in Cuzco. We took a short taxi ride to Qenko and walked back to the city through Sacsayhuaman. Qenko apparently means 'zigzag'. The name probably comes from the zigzag channels in the site. This site is unusual in that it has a cave with altars carved from the rock.

img_8385 Altar in the underground cave. img_8388 The zigzag channels carved in the rock that gave Qenko its name. img_8391 Astronomical device for something to do with the solstices. img_8393 Representation of a condor. img_8397 Throne like structure. img_8399 A carved seat. img_8402 Representation of the temple. img_8403 Coricancha from Qenko. img_8411 Moth on thistle. img_8414 Tightly constructed Inca stonework. img_8416 Daisy-like flower with the Inca stonework in the background. img_8417 Altars of all shapes and sizes. img_8418 img_8419 img_8421