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Sacsayhuaman is a short 10 minute walk from Qenko and even though only about a fifth of the original structure is left, it is still an extensive site with many Inca structures. The most striking feature is the zigzagging fortifications constructed from large stone blocks. There are fine representations of a llama, a snake, and a puma paw arranged from the stones within the fortification walls.

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img_8426 The zigzagging fortifications when approaching from Qenko. img_8438 Zigzag fortifications. img_8440 Representation of a llama. img_8445 Reconstructed stairs to the second level of fortifications. img_8450 Stonehenge-like gateway. img_8451 Ray, Serene, and Bob with our local guide, Chuck. img_8453 The zigzag is more apparent here. img_8458 The large rock surrounded by 7 smaller rocks, which was significant to the Inca, but I don't remember why. img_8462 Terraces and stairs up the hill Rodadero. img_8463 Representation of a puma paw. img_8466 Representation of a snake. img_8470 Stones from Sacsayhuaman were taken by the Spanish for buildings in Cuzco.  Apparently these structures used to be several stories high. img_8472 img_8476 Three levels of zigzag fortifications. img_8480 The puma's eye.  There may have been a water tower here. img_8486 Recently excavated ruins. img_8488 img_8489 Stairs to the top of Rodadero. img_8492 Fortifications from the top of Rodadero. The acoustics were excellent from here. img_8494 Finely carved stone bench known as the throne of the Inca.
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