Up one level Peru » Cachora-Choquequirao-Yanama-Machu Picchu » Day 1 - Cachora (2850 m / 9350 ft) to Huarac Punku (3100 m / 10170 ft) to Apurimac River (1550 m / 5085 ft)

Day 1 - Cachora (2850 m / 9350 ft) to Huarac Punku (3100 m / 10170 ft) to Apurimac River (1550 m / 5085 ft)
We were picked up at 430 in the morning and driven to Cachora. We stopped at Tarahuasi near Limatambo where we saw a great example of Inca stonework. Unfortunately we didn't appreciate how fine it was at that time. Part of the road was washed out along the way because of rain storms and we had to get off the van and walk across the flooded part. We arrived at Cachora around 1030 and started hiking around 11. During the entire trip, lunch break was about an hour. The descent was fairly long and we reached our campsite only around 1800 when it was starting to get dark.

img_3161 The mountain Salkantay an hour or two out of Cuzco. img_3164 At Tarahuasi. Edgar was incredibly knowledgeable about the flora and fauna during the trip. Here he's showing us a parasite that grows on cacti.  The parasite is used to make lipstick. img_3165 The parasite is the white spots. img_3166 The fine stonework at Tarahuasi. img_3172 The Cachora valley. We were still ascending at this point. img_3180 Serene and Edgar at the highest point today. Edgar was our guide and he spoke excellent English and he also spoke Spanish and Quechua fluently. img_3183 The Apurimac valley. We were about to start descending from the pass. img_3184 Still at the pass before descending into the valley. img_3185 The trail to Choquequirao that we will be ascending the next day on the opposite side of the valley. If you look closely on the top left, you can see gray buildings that are part of Choquequirao. img_3191 img_3192 img_3193 The descent was fairly long. The Apurimac river in the background. img_3199 img_3203 The Apurimac valley was just one of the many beautiful valleys we saw on this trek. img_3208 img_3211 Serene starting to look beat. img_3213 img_3215 The view from our campsite next to the river.