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Day 2 - Apurimac River (1550 m / 5085 ft) to Choquequirao (3000 m / 9850 ft)
The first 5 days of the trek followed roughly the same schedule - wake up at 6, breakfast at 7, start hiking at 8, an hour lunch break at 1, and arrive at the campsite around 5 or 6. The weather started off badly, with thick clouds and rain throughout the entire day till 1600 when it suddenly cleared. As a result, we enjoyed splendid views of and from Choquequirao. Choquequirao was the bread basket for the Inca in the region, we saw extensive terracing from Choquequirao all the way down to the Apurimac river. The most extensive terracing is on the side of the mountain that we descended along the next day to Rio Blanco. There is also a long aquaduct running from the top of Choquequirao mountain to the city. This aquaduct is unfortunately broken. The best part of Choquequirao is that it is mostly deserted and there aren't many tourists there.

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img_3310 I put the camera on a wall not realising that it was tilted. img_3312 img_3314 The last hours of sunlight made Choquequirao look magical. img_3317 img_3319 img_3320 img_3322 img_3326 img_3329 img_3337 Our campsite is on right corner of the bottom terrace. img_3341 img_3344 We made the short hike up to the round level field near the main buildings. Edgar said it was used for astronomical ceremonies.  Although we didn't see any, condors sometimes circle this high flat zone. img_7890-ray The classic Choquequirao angle. Taken by Ray Woo. img_3347 img_3348 img_7893-ray Taken by Ray Woo. img_3351 img_3352 img_3353 img_3355
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