Up one level Peru » Cachora-Choquequirao-Yanama-Machu Picchu » Day 4 - Farm (3000 m / 9850 ft) to Victoria Pass (4200 m / 13800 ft) to Yanama (3500 m / 11500 ft)

Day 4 - Farm (3000 m / 9850 ft) to Victoria Pass (4200 m / 13800 ft) to Yanama (3500 m / 11500 ft)
Compared to the previous day, this day was almost relaxed. We crossed Victoria pass just after lunch and Serene started to have some mild problems with the altitude but was fine crossing the pass. I'm unsure how high Victoria pass actually is; Our guide said 4200 meters but I've other numbers on the web ranging from 4000m to 4800m. On the way up and down from the pass, we passed several abandoned mines (Minas Victoria) and Edgar brought us into one of them for a little bit. We camped at Yanama village. Yanama village is the most picturesque village that we saw during the trek. It's perched at the edge of a canyon with some spectacular views.

img_3406 Serene taking a break at Victoria pass. Unfortunately the pass was socked in with thick clouds and we didn't get much of a view. img_3407 Bob and Ray. img_3409 Edgar standing at a overlook just 20 meters from the pass. img_3412 Ray joined Edgar at the overlook. The clouds were starting to thicken. img_3413 Entrance to the mine that we entered. img_3414 One of the muleteers waiting for us while Edgar explained something to Bob and Mihaela. img_3415 Our mules ahead of us in the lower part of the photo. img_3421 img_3423 img_3433 Ray and Serene descending towards Yanama valley. img_3437 img_3440 Yanama village. img_3445 img_3446 Waterfall in the distance.