Up one level Peru » Cachora-Choquequirao-Yanama-Machu Picchu » Day 5 - Yanama (3500 m / 11500 ft) to Yanama Pass (4550 m / 15000 ft) to near Totora (3700 m / 12150 ft)

Day 5 - Yanama (3500 m / 11500 ft) to Yanama Pass (4550 m / 15000 ft) to near Totora (3700 m / 12150 ft)
We followed the Yanama river through the Yanama valley right up to Yanama pass. The first part of the trail through the valley was spectacular. We saw many large waterfalls on both sides of the valley and the lush greenery made this trail spectacular. We also saw a permanent glacier on the top of Corihuaynachina a we crossed the pass. When we crossed Yanama river to begin our ascent to the pass, our guide told us of a Quechua tradition of bringing a rock from the river to place on the pass. We all took rocks and Bob foolishly took a rather large stone that he had to lug to the top.
Yanama pass is the highest point in the trek and we really felt the altitude at this point. It didn't help that it started hailing when we were 50 meters from the pass. We had heavy rains at our campground that night. We fortunately missed the few feet of snow that came down on the pass, which rendered it impassable.

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img_3449 Monday assembly in the Yanama school. Our guide told us that the school children practise singing the national anthem in Spanish and Quechua every monday morning. img_3453 img_3454 Trumpet flower that Edgar told us will make your nose swell for many days if you sniff it. img_3456 One of the waterfalls we had to cross. img_3457 One of the many spectacular waterfalls along the valley. img_3477 The trail and the river winding at the bottom of Yanama valley. img_3479 Farmer's fence. img_3481 img_3483 The valley looking back towards the village. img_3484 img_7971-ray Taken by Ray Woo. img_3497 The permanent glacier on Corihuaynachina. img_3499 Yanama pass is the notch in the ridge. img_7980-ray The glacier viewed through a long lens. Taken by Ray Woo. img_3505 The valley as we ascend up to the pass. img_3507 We were near the pass and to the glacier. Unfortunately it was hailing and raining so this photo didn't turn out very well. img_3510 The other side of Yanama pass. img_3516 img_3518 Salkantay is just peeking over the clouds. img_3524 Ray looking really tired. He claims that he looked worse than he felt.
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