Up one level Peru » Cachora-Choquequirao-Yanama-Machu Picchu » Day 6 - Near Totora (3700 m / 12150 ft) to Totora (3500 m / 11500 ft) to Collpapampa (Winaypoco) (2800 m / 9200 ft)

Day 6 - Near Totora (3700 m / 12150 ft) to Totora (3500 m / 11500 ft) to Collpapampa (Winaypoco) (2800 m / 9200 ft)
The remaining days of the trek are significantly easier than the previous days. Edgar told us that the Salkantay to Machu Picchu trail joins our trail at Collpampa. We had an easy hike through Totora village, descending down to the Collpampa where we had lunch. There was a hot spring nearby but only the guide and Mihaela took the steep trail down to it. We camped at Winaypoco, which is about an hour from Collpapampa where there is a beer hut (since the Salkantay trail is more popular than the one we took) but it is only open during the high season.

img_8007-ray The sky was remarkably clear when we woke up because it had rained heavily the night before. The view from our campsite. Taken by Ray Woo. img_3535 Although it looked dangerous at the time, this turned out to be one of the easiest and least risky crossing we did over the next 2 days. img_3536 In Totora. Our guide told us that this flower was used by the Inca royalty. img_3539 Close up of the flower in the previous photo. img_3541 img_3545 Collpapampa is at the junction of two rivers. As usual, our mules and staff reached the lunch spot before we did. The mules are crossing the new bridge, and you can see the broken remains of the old bridge at the top. img_3546 The lunch spot. The staff are setting up the place for lunch. img_3547 There were seven mules accompanying us on this trip. img_3549 img_3554 Collpapama hot springs. Edgar's taking a shower. img_3555 One of the many iridiscent wild orchids we saw. img_3558 Edgar's favourite waterfall. img_3560 A blood red flower we saw at our campsite at Winaypoco that night. img_3561