Up one level Peru » Cachora-Choquequirao-Yanama-Machu Picchu » Day 7 - Collpampa (Winaypoco) (2800 m / 9200 ft) to Lucmabamba (2000 m / 6600 ft)

Day 7 - Collpampa (Winaypoco) (2800 m / 9200 ft) to Lucmabamba (2000 m / 6600 ft)
The hike on day 7 was rather easy but we made up for it by having one scary waterfall crossing. The rivers and waterfalls were swollen with water this year (because it's an El Nino year) and the waterfalls that are normally easy to cross were not. We camped at the village Lucmabamba where I acquired a lot of midge bites that itched terribly.

img_3563 The first deep waterfall we had to cross. Almost all of us got our boots wet. img_8035-ray Starting to cross the waterfall. Taken by Ray Woo. img_8037-ray After searching for a way to get across without getting wet, we gave up and simply splashed across. Taken by Ray Woo. img_3565 Colourful bugs. img_3566 Wild flowers. img_8041-ray This crossing was pretty harrowing. The waterfall drops off just a few meters downstream. The bottom two logs were wet and very slick and you couldn't rest any weight on it. The top log was dry but it was shaky and we had to lean our weight on the top log while sliding across on the bottom. I initially wanted to straddle the log and move across but I quickly realised that it was a bad idea because of the large and heavy pack I was carrying. Taken by Ray Woo. img_8042-ray On the other hand, Edgar seemed to have no problem using the logs to cross. Taken by Ray Woo. img_8044-ray Serene's turn to cross. Taken by Ray Woo. img_8045-ray Taken by Ray Woo. img_8046-ray Taken by Ray Woo. img_8053-ray Leaf cutter ants. Taken by Ray Woo. img_3568 Spotted wild orchid. img_3575