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Day 9 - Machu Picchu.
We got up at 5 to catch a bus to Machu Picchu at 630. For the first time in the trek, we did not need to carry our packs. As we got on the bus, we noticed that everyone else was sleepy whereas we had gotten used to waking up at 5 or 6 in ther morning. Machu Picchu is, as expected, spectacular. The only problem is the large numbers of people in the site. Fortunately, it was low season and it only started getting crowded around 1000. By the time it started getting crowded, we were heading up Huayna Picchu. I wanted to also hike to the Temple of the Moon but we ran out of time and had to return to Aguas Calientes to catch our train back to Cuzco.

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img_3712 Principal temple. img_3714 Temple of the three windows. img_3716 House of the high priest. img_3718 Stairs leading up from the prison group to the industrial sector. img_3721 Intihuatana hill with the principal temple at its base. img_3722 Temple of the sun. img_3724 Terraces near the entrance. img_3729 Residential sector. img_3731 img_8183-ray Classic view from the hut of the caretaker. You can make out the Quechua face. Taken by Ray Woo. img_3734 img_3737 img_3738 img_3741 img_3742 Prison group, industrial sector, residential sector. img_3744 img_3747 Irrigation gutters. img_3748 img_3753 Serene looking tired during the climb up Huayna Picchu. img_3756 The bus road up Machu Picchu.
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