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Carson Pass
We snowshoed in a little bit and Chuck found a good spot with steep snow slopes that we could practise on. About half the class were novices to mountaineering like me, but the other half had already done a fair bit of it and wanted a refresher.

carsonpass01 The right side of the Carson's Pass parking lot. carsonpass02 Everyone putting their snowshoes on. carsonpass04 carsonpass05 Claire, Steph, and Chuck at the Carson's Pass parking lot. carsonpass06 Serban, Sameer, Claire, and Alfred. carsonpass07 Snowshoeing to our camp site. Alfred's in front. carsonpass08 Our fearless leader, Chuck, takes a tumble. carsonpass09 Chuck showing us how to self arrest. carsonpass10 Serban self arresting. carsonpass11 Sameer starting his head first slide. carsonpass12 Sameer self arresting with Alfred and Clint looking on. carsonpass13 Paul hanging out around camp. carsonpass14 Claire. carsonpass15 Steph boiling water for dinner. carsonpass16 Alfred in front of his snow cave. carsonpass18 Chuck, Steph, Claire, and Paul at the cooking area. Sameer in the background. carsonpass19 Next to the tent I slept in. carsonpass20 Chuck and Steph in the cooking area. carsonpass21 Steph's luxury snow cave. carsonpass22 Serban, Chuck, Claire, and Alfred testing a snow anchor. Steph and Paul in the front preparing a snow anchor. carsonpass23 Chuck, Claire, and Alfred after testing the snow anchor. carsonpass24 Trying to dislodge the snow anchor again. Steph hard at work. carsonpass25 Chilling out during lunch. carsonpass26 Chuck's tent. which I had to myself. carsonpass27 The area where we practised. carsonpass28 Dave in front. carsonpass29 carsonpass30 View to the left of the parking lot.