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After Copenhagen, we moved on to Stockholm where we spent three nights. Of the three capitals we visited, Stockholm was the most interesting. We tried our best to see as much as we could in our time there but didn't manage to see everything that we wanted to. Although we visited a lot of museums and galleries in Scandinavia, we never found it worthwhile to buy the full access tourist cards; student price admission is typically a lot less and the tourist cards don't have student discounts. Also, transport passes are not needed for any of the capitals because most interesting places are within walking distance. Stockholm is the exception if you want visit Millesgaarden because it's in a suburb, which requires a short train and bus ride.

Feather Islands  |  Total images: 7
We took a ferry to the Fjaderholmarna (Feather Islands) on our first night in Stockholm because it was too late to do anything else. We got off at the wrong stop (Nacka Strand), which turned out to be a good thing because we noticed a sculpture by Carl Milles at the stop. This statue piqued our interest and we visited Millesgaarden on our last day in Stockholm, which is excellent and well worth the trip even if (like me) you're not very interested in sculptures or art.
Royal Palace, Gamla Stan, National Gallery, Historical Museum.  |  Total images: 8
On our second day, we visited the Royal Palace, National Gallery, and the Historical Museum. The Royal Palace was interesting in that the Armoury exhibit has the real clothing that some kings were wearing when they were assassinated or slain; you can see the puncture marks from the weapons. The National Gallery was quite disappointing because parts of the collection was closed; at least it was free. The Gold Room in the Historical Museum has an extensive collection of Viking gold is well worth visiting. We also spent some time walking around Gamla Stan in the evening.
Vasa Museum.  |  Total images: 10
The Vasa museum contains the well preserved ship called the Vasa that sank on her maiden voyage in 1628. It was found and salvaged in 1961 and is mostly intact and in remarkably good condition. The movie describing the discovery and salvage operation is good and increased our appreciation of the museum.
Millesgaarden  |  Total images: 11
Millesgaarden was the private home of Carl Milles, a sculptor. His sculptures are quite amazing and we enjoyed walking around the grounds of his home with all his sculptures. It started raining, which was annoying at first, but it turned out to be good because wet sculptures look much better.