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We made a last minute decision to visit Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock) on Lysefjord after seeing it listed as a highlight of Norway in Lonely Planet. We weren't sure if it was going to be worth the rather long and involved journey back and forth from Bergen but I'm glad to say that it was well worth the time and cost. The morning after arriving from Bergen, we took the first ferry from Bergen to Stavanger (half price because we had Scanrail passes), then caught a 40 minute ferry from Stavanger to Tau, then a hour and a half bus ride from Tau to Preikestolhytta where we checked into the hostel. We dropped our bags at our beds and then set off on the hour and a half hike up to Preikestolen. The hostel has an amazing view and we even managed to catch alpenglow on the surrounding mountains at sunset. Early next morning, we had to get a taxi to take us to the bus stop at Jorpeland because bus services were limited on Saturdays and not catching the bus would mean missing the only ferry out of Stavanger to Tau. The short 10 minute taxi ride cost 170 Kroners or about 30 US dollars; I was shocked at how fast the meter ran while in the taxi. We then took the bus back to Tau, caught the return ferry to Stavanger, and then another ferry back to Bergen, taking a total of 6 hours or so.

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