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Tuolumne Meadows
Serene and I went on a short trip to Tuolumne Meadows in late August. We camped near the summit of one of the peaks in the meadows and caught a spectacular sunset and sunrise.

crw_1643-halfdome Sunset alpenglow on Half Dome. crw_1646-cloudsrest-halfdome Alpenglow on Clouds Rest and Half Dome. crw_1649-cloudsrest Clouds Rest. crw_1655-cloudsrest-clarkrange Clouds Rest and the Clark range in the background. crw_1664-clarkrange Clark Range. crw_1680 Sunrise. crw_1723 crw_1729 Serene admiring the sunrise. crw_1735 Mountains in the morning haze. crw_1744-mist crw_1796 crw_1801 Our campsite with Half Dome in the background. crw_1803 Marmot warming up in the morning sun. crw_1825