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Andrew, Serene, and I went backpacking in Tuolumne Meadows during 2005 July 4th weekend. We had intended to hike a loop passing through Vogelsang, Merced, and Sunrise Lake. There was a lot of snow even in July because of El Nino, and we didn't get very far into the meadows. We turned back after spending a night at Boothe Lake. We still had a great deal of fun on the trip, the highlight being lunch on the second day next to a lake. Andrew took a dip in the freezing water and Serene and I just waded in a little.

yosemite01 Serene crossing one of the many swollen creeks. As you can see, her sandal fell off on this crossing. yosemite03 Boothe Lake directly in front of our camp. yosemite04 Vogelsang Peak from Boothe Lake. yosemite05 Fairly large groundhogs near camp. yosemite06 The snowpack around Boothe Lake. yosemite07 The nameless lake where we stopped for lunch and a dip. yosemite08 Andrew getting ready for his swim. yosemite09 Andrew having a good time. yosemite10 Serene getting ready to step in. yosemite11 We chickened out from actually taking a dip.