CS155: Computer and Network Security

Computer and Network Security

Spring 2017

The course covers principles of building secure systems. We give many examples of how things can go wrong if these principles are not followed.


Course syllabus (and readings)
Course overview (grading, textbooks, coursework, exams)
Lectures: Tuesday, Thursday, 1:30-2:50, Nvidia Aud.
Sections: Friday, 3:30pm, Skilling Auditorium
CA mailing list: cs155ta@cs


All homework submission is to be done via Gradescope. Please use course code MRVG5M to sign up. Note that Gradescope requires that the solution to every problem start on a new page.

Homework #1:   not out yet
Due: Thursday, Apr. 21, 11:59pm
Homework #2:   not out yet
Due: Thursday, May 19, 11:59pm


Project #1:   Not out yet
  • pdf
  • VM box (md5: aed111fdfcbe486d92a267ac38c34a5a)
  • starter code (md5: 92a1b2437ec998a450bc8e7f27ce673e)
Due: Part 1: Thursday, April 7.    Part 2: Thursday, April 14.
Project #2:   not out yet
Due: Part 1: Thursday, May 5.     Part 2: Thursday, May 12.
Project #3:   not out yet
Due: Wednesday, June 1. (at most one late day allowed)