Mathematics and computer science notes I’ve amassed over the years.

Pardon the mess

I began putting my notes online during grad school, circa 2000. Worried I would soon exhaust the then-tiny disk quota on Xenon, I sneakily stored all my notes on the Applied Crypto Group server, whether directly related to crypto or not. My PhD advisor had given me plenty of space to host the PBC library.

Xenon disk quota has since grown, so these days I simply keep everything with my homepage. I had thought my older notes would wither and die, at which point I might edit them and reincarnate them on my homepage.

But it turns out some of these pages still receive nontrivial traffic, so rather than risk breaking links all over the web, I’ll just keep everything in place. Unfortunately, it means this content will remain disorganized and spread across several servers.

Ben Lynn 💡