Queries on Encrypted Data Library

In some cases, you may want to set an HVE bit vector's format, and use the same format for multiple queries. The QED library provides an HVE_Duplicate function to make a copy of the HVE and its content.

int HVE_Duplicate(HVE_t *HVE_copy, HVE_t *HVE);

We also provide functions to free memory. The following should be called after you are done with each resource.
int HVE_Clear(HVE_t *HVE);

int QED_Clear_PrivKey(QEDPrivateKey_t *PrivKey);
int QED_Clear_PubKey(QEDPublicKey_t *PubKey);
int QED_Clear_MessageKey(QEDMessageKey_t *Msgkey);

int QED_Clear_Token(QEDToken_t *Token); 
int QED_Clear_Encryption(QEDEncryption_t *Cipher);