Pairing-based Signature Schemes

The PBC_sig signatures library contains signatures schemes that depend on a bilinear map (aka pairing), though in future conventional signature schemes may be added. PBC_sig is a free C library (released under the GNU Public License), and built upon the PBC pairing-based cryptography library.

Schemes implemented include:

  • Boneh-Boyen short signatures

  • Boneh-Boyen-Shacham short group signatures

  • Boneh-Lynn-Shacham short signatures

  • Cha-Cheon identity-based signatures

Mailing List

For now please send PBC_sig related messages to the PBC developers' mailing list.


Ben Lynn wrote the original code. Hovav Shacham considerably optimized BBS group signatures. Joe Cooley contributed the autotools configuration files. David Jao upgraded the library for pbc-0.5.