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Scuba Diving
I took my camera along on the boat for our last dive in Dominica at Champagne Bay. We also snorkelled there a few days ago to experience the underwater vents bubbling gas but diving there is much better. It was the best of the three dives and among other things, we saw a large turtle hiding under a ledge, a rare large cornet, lobsters, some sort of flying fish, moray eels. We also dived along Scott's Head wall and Coral Garden. Snorkelling near Scott's Pinnacle is also excellent. From the sea off Champagne Bay, we saw the set for Pirates of the Caribbean 2 and 3 being built on some cliffs.

dominica2005-boat-01 View north from Soufriere. dominica2005-boat-02 Scott's head. dominica2005-boat-03 dominica2005-boat-04 The town of Soufriere on the right. The cliffs on the left (L' Abym) go right down to 1500 feet. dominica2005-boat-05 dominica2005-boat-06 The set for Pirates of the Caribbean 2 and 3 under construction. dominica2005-boat-07 Champagne Bay.