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Boiling Lake
The hike to Boiling Lake is about 3 hours each way (10 or 11 miles round trip) and it wasn't very difficult. Unfortunately, the lake had stopped boiling a few months ago but at least it wasn't dry. A guide is recommended for this trail but after hiking the trail, I would say that the trail is quite well marked and a guide is probably unnecessary if you're used to hiking. We sat in a hot pool on the way back and also swam in Titou Gorge at the beginning of the trail. Titou Gorge is a narrow gorge that ends at a small waterfall, which we swam up to see.

dominica2005-boilinglake-01 The bridge before the start of the trail. The trail starts at Titou Gorge. dominica2005-boilinglake-02 The trail is extremely muddy and winds  through secondary rainforest. dominica2005-boilinglake-03 dominica2005-boilinglake-04 David orchids, named after the hurricane that brought them to Dominica. dominica2005-boilinglake-05 At the top of the valley of desolation. dominica2005-boilinglake-06 Our guide, Lars, and Rafi descending down to the valley of desolation. dominica2005-boilinglake-07 Valley of Desolation. dominica2005-boilinglake-08 dominica2005-boilinglake-09 A miniature version of what the boiling lake used to look like. dominica2005-boilinglake-10 dominica2005-boilinglake-11 Rivers had the strangest colours on this hike. This one is black. dominica2005-boilinglake-13 The no longer boiling lake. dominica2005-boilinglake-14 You can see that the lake is significantly below the high water mark. dominica2005-boilinglake-15 dominica2005-boilinglake-16 My very muddy boots. dominica2005-boilinglake-17 Lars, Rafi, and our guide looking over the lake. dominica2005-boilinglake-18 dominica2005-boilinglake-19 dominica2005-boilinglake-20 dominica2005-boilinglake-21 John slipping down a steep section of the trail. dominica2005-boilinglake-22 Enjoying a dip in a hot pool. dominica2005-boilinglake-23 Serene and John returning up through the valley of desolation. dominica2005-boilinglake-24 Vents in the valley of desolation.