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Middleham Falls
The hike to Middleham falls (about 300 feet in height) starts near Laudat and takes about an hour each way. You're supposed to be able to swim at the base of the falls but the water looked a little choppy and we didn't go in. I was about to leave because it was getting dark when I realised that my lens had water on it because of the mist from the falls. The water, unfortunately, marred a few otherwise good photos.

dominica2005-middleham-01 Flower of the red ginger plant. dominica2005-middleham-02 Base of Middleham falls. dominica2005-middleham-03 Top of Middleham falls. dominica2005-middleham-04 dominica2005-middleham-05 dominica2005-middleham-06 dominica2005-middleham-07 dominica2005-middleham-08 A lizard we saw on the way back.