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We stayed in the Fort Young Hotel for the week. Our room was directly over the ocean and had a balcony where we could see the sunset. The restaurant La Robe Creole just across the road from the hotel serves excellent seafood.

dominica2005-roseau-01 The view from our hotel room balcony. dominica2005-roseau-02 Looking south from the balcony towards Scott's head. dominica2005-roseau-03 Sunset from the balcony. dominica2005-roseau-04 dominica2005-roseau-05 dominica2005-roseau-06 dominica2005-roseau-07 Serene lounging around. dominica2005-roseau-08 A double rainbow seen from the pier. It lasted barely half a minute. dominica2005-roseau-09 View south from the waterfront in Roseau.