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South Rim Overlooks
After hiking the South Kaibab trail and catching the sunrise, we were a little let down by the overlooks on the West side of the South Rim because it was quite similar to what we'd already seen in the past couple of days, only in worse light. On hindsight, I would give the overlooks along the Hermit Road a pass and head straight to the Eastern overlooks, which offer a different view of the Grand Canyon. I thoroughly enjoyed the sunset at Lipan Point and Desert View overlooks.

crw_2673 Hopi Point. crw_2677 Hopi Point. crw_2682 Pima Point. crw_2697 Colorado River from Lipan Point. crw_2705 Lipan Point. crw_2710-eileen-8936 Ray and I at Lipan Point. Taken by Eileen Woo. crw_2710-ray-3765 Taking photos at Lipan Point. Taken by Ray Woo. crw_2710 Lipan Point. crw_2735 Sunset at Desert View. crw_2774 Sunset at Desert View. crw_2777 Sunset at Desert View.