Up one level Peru and Bolivia, Dec 2006 - Jan 2007 » Peru and Bolivia Highlights

Peru and Bolivia Highlights

These photos are our favourites from the trip.

_mg_8145 The Hummingbird, Nasca Lines. _mg_8267 A curious alpaca. _mg_8361 Serene approaching El Misti (19,117 ft). _mg_8448 El Misti crater. _mg_8456 Volcan Chachani from the summit of El Misti. _mg_8464 Descending El Misti (19,117 ft). _mg_8513 Monasterio de Santa Catalina. _mg_8618 Lake Titicaca from Copacabana, Bolivia. _mg_8650 Soccer with two oranges at 13,000 ft on Isla del Sol, Bolivia. _mg_8697 Isla del Sol, Bolivia. _mg_8874 Thunderstorm over Lake Titicaca. _mg_8941 Cathedral in Copacabana, Bolivia. _mg_8953 Cathedral in Copacabana, Bolivia. _mg_8953_crw_8241 Cathedral in Copacabana, Bolivia. Taken by Serene Koh. _mg_9050 La Paz, Bolivia. _mg_9064 Tollbooth in El Alto, Bolivia. _mg_9086_crw_8333 Woman washing her hair at Uros Islands, Peru. Taken by Serene Koh. _mg_9106 Uros Island, Peru. _mg_9213_crw_8353 Girl in central square of Taquile, Peru. Taken by Serene Koh. _mg_9233 Mountains on the pass between Puno and Cusco, Peru. _mg_9245 Iglesia de la Compania, Cusco Peru. _mg_9273 Chinchero market, Peru. _mg_9363 Chinchero, Peru. _mg_9408 Circular terraces at Moray, Peru. _mg_9523 Salt pans at Salineras, Peru. _mg_9555 Fountain at San Blas, Cusco, Peru. _mg_9573 Waterfall below terraces at Pisac, Peru. _mg_9665 Farm at Pisac, Peru. _mg_9718 Inca ruins at Pisac, Peru.