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Isla del Sol, Bolivia

If you can only visit one island on Lake Titicaca, Isla del Sol should be that island. We took the boat to the southern end of Isla del Sol and walked up the stairs to Yumani. In Yumani, we stayed in Inti Kala, which is at the northern end of the village (at the time it was the last hostal). We dropped our bags and then walked to the northern end of the island to the Chincana ruins and then hiked back around sunset. The trail running North-South is one of the best day hikes we've done; it follows the ridgeline closely and spectacular views abound on both sides. We had a really relaxing time on Isla del Sol and wished that we had planned to stay an additional day on the island. Isla del Sol is also great for acclimitization because its extensive hiking trails are around 4000 meters.

_mg_8644 On the way to Isla del Sol. _mg_8650 Soccer with two oranges at 13,000 ft on Isla del Sol, Bolivia. _mg_8663 Southwestern view from Yumani. _mg_8663_crw_8179 Looking down at Yumani. Taken by Serene Koh. _mg_8668 Yumani and the southern end of Isla del Sol. _mg_8672 Looking west from Yumani. _mg_8676 Sheep grazing in a ruin. _mg_8689 Chincana ruins on the northern end of the island. _mg_8697 Isla del Sol, Bolivia. _mg_8698 Serene at Chincana. _mg_8709 Doorways in the Chincana ruins. _mg_8726 Doorways in the Chincana ruins. _mg_8735 Serene reading about the Chincana ruins. _mg_8736 Shepherdess at the Mesa Ceremonica. _mg_8759 Serene at the Mesa Ceremonica. _mg_8766 Mesa Ceremonica. _mg_8770 Serene hiking back to the south. _mg_8775 View of the trail going south. _mg_8792 Serene and I halfway back to Yumani. _mg_8811 Farmlands on Isla del Sol. _mg_8815 Piglets suckling. _mg_8822 Yumani at sunset. Our hotel is the middle building that looks like it's under construction. _mg_8874 Thunderstorm over Lake Titicaca.