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La Paz, Bolivia

We stayed only 3 nights in La Paz, partly because the weather was quite bad. Because I was down with a cold and food poisoning then, we stayed in the Hostal Estrella Andina that is a step up from the places we normally stay at. We got on an organized trip to Tihuanaco near La Paz where we saw some pre-Incan ruins and artifacts. The organized tours bring the tourists to the museums first, and only went out to the ruins at noon when the light is harsh. Tihuanaco has a fascinating history and has unfortunately been extensively looted. In La Paz, we chatted with Charlie, the British owner of Artesanias Wara (Calle Linares 810, next to the witch's market), for quite a number of hours. He cheerfully explained to us how all his wool and cloth products are made, and how to discern the quality of such items. He quoted fair prices and we ended up buying a number of items from him. After 3 days of rain and hail, we'd decided we had enough and returned to Peru.

_mg_8966 Our bus crossing the Estrecho de Tiquina. _mg_8978 La Paz with Illimani in the background. _mg_8997 Our hotel walls were decorated with murals. This mural was in our room. _mg_8999 Statue at Tihuanaco. _mg_9000 Reed boat of supposedly the same design made by the Tihuanaco culture. _mg_9003 Tihuanaco from the Akapana pyramid. _mg_9029 Walls at Tihuanaco. _mg_9042 Puerta del Sol at Tihuanaco. _mg_9050 La Paz, Bolivia. _mg_9064 Tollbooth in El Alto, Bolivia. _mg_9067 Appears to be Huayna Potosi.