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Museo de la Nacion in Lima
We left Cuzco on the 21st at 1130 and arrived in Lima around 1230. We had till midnight for our connecting flight back to the US and we visited the Museo de la Nacion in San Borja near Miraflores. Compared to Cuzco, Lima is expensive and also not pretty. I wanted to but did not have time to visit the Inca ruins at Pachacamac. The Museo de la Nacion is excellent, far better than anything in Cuzco. We had dinner in Miraflores and that being our last day in Peru, Serene tried ceviche for dinner and it was excellent. At this point in the trip, I figured out how to take properly exposed photographs in manual mode, which was essential to taking good photos in the museum.

img_8530 Inca Obelisk. The Inca cross can be seen in the middle. img_8532 Closeup of the Inca cross. img_8533 img_8534 img_8536 img_8538 Wari sculptures. img_8539 What I imagine the Cheshire cat looks like. img_8540 Squashed animals on the pot lid. img_8543 Recreation of a recently discovered burial chamber. img_8550 img_8553 img_8554 img_8555 Mummy. img_8558 I forgot what these are but they look like canopic jars. img_8559 Tapestry. img_8560 img_8561 Scale model of Choquequirao. img_8563