CS255: Introduction to Cryptography

Introduction to Cryptography

Winter 2009

Cryptography has become an indispensable tool for protecting information in computer systems. This course explains how to correctly use cryptographic primitives as well as their inner workings.


Course syllabus (and readings)
Course overview (grading, textbooks, coursework, exams)
Lectures: Monday, Wednesday, 12:50-2:05pm, Gates B01
Questions for TAs: cs255ta@cs.stanford.edu
Newsgroup: su.class.cs255 (for discussion with TAs and other students)

Final Exam

Students may take the final at either one of the following two dates:

  • Option 1: (scheduled)   Monday, 3/16,  9:00-11:00am, Gates B01.
  • Option 2: (alternate)   Tuesday, 3/17,  12:15-2:15pm, Gates B03.

For remote SCPD students: Please email cs255ta@cs with your email address, the email address of your SCPD monitor if you have one, and which day you would like to take the exam. We will email a pdf to you which you should print, complete, and fax back to us at 650 725-4671. Also email us when you fax the exam back so we can be on the lookout for it. We will email you with confirmation of receipt so hold on to your exam until you receive confirmation. Note that if you are local to the bay area, you must come to one of two exam slots unless you contact us in advance.


Homework #1:   [pdf]    solutions: [pdf]
Due: Jan. 28, in class
Homework #2:   [pdf]    solutions: [pdf]
Due: Feb. 18, in class
Homework #3:   [pdf]    solutions: [pdf]
Due: Mar. 4, in class


Project #1:   pdf     starter code
milestone #1: due Jan 21, 11:59pm    milestone #2: due Feb 11, 11:59pm
Project #2:   pdf     starter code
Due: Mar. 11, 11:59pm