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Trip 1
The Bay Tour. We flew over Stanford and then up to San Francisco. The weather wasn't very good and it was hazy for the entire flight.

img_2982 Channels in the mud flats off the bay. img_2986 Stanford's Avery and Deguerre swimming pools. img_2991 The practice football field. img_2992 My Escondido Village low rise apartment is in the middle. It's the only low rise building that's exposed to the sun. img_2995 Hoover tower. img_2998 Main quad and the oval. img_2999 Bio X building on the left and Gates building in the middle. img_3006 img_3019 San Francisco International Airport. Looks like Starship Enterprise. img_3020 img_3029 Golden Gate Bridge. The pictures aren't that clear because it was foggy. img_3031 Traffic on the Golden Gate Bridge. img_3044 Alcatraz. img_3046 img_3057 img_3070 img_3072 Highway 1 running along the coast. img_3075 img_3081 Stanford's dish.