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Sillustani is about 45 minutes by taxi from Puno and is well worth the trip. Sillustani is partly encircled by Lago Umayo and has an elevation of 3890 meters (12800 feet). I was impressed by the sight of the chullpas next to a sparkling blue lake.

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img_8271 A local man boating on the enclosed lake near the entrance. img_8273 One of the larger chullpas near the entrance. img_8278 img_8280 img_8281 img_8283 img_8288 img_8290 Flimsy stone wall against the blue sky. img_8297 img_8302 We crawled into this chullpa to look at the interior. img_8308 These chullpas had some kind of mortar covering the stone. The mortar didn't survive as well as the stone chullpas. img_8315 Lago Umayo. img_8318 img_8321 img_8324 img_8325 img_8328 The only chullpa that I found with an intact entrance cover. img_8329 img_8334 Chullpa under reconstruction. img_8339 One of the few chullpas with a rounded roof made of smaller stones.
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