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Sillustani is about 45 minutes by taxi from Puno and is well worth the trip. Sillustani is partly encircled by Lago Umayo and has an elevation of 3890 meters (12800 feet). I was impressed by the sight of the chullpas next to a sparkling blue lake.

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img_8340 img_8346 img_8352 The scale of the chullpa can be seen from Serene. img_8353 img_8355 img_8358 img_8360 img_8362 We saw a family of alpacas on the way back from Sillustani. This is the mother alpaca. We had alpaca meat during the trek and it tasted like beef. img_8364 The father alpaca and the baby. img_8368 Baby alpaca. img_8369 Llama.