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Gaylor Lakes
I like this set of lakes the best in the meadows. A fairly easy hike with spectacular views.

2004yosemite-gaylorlakes0001 2004yosemite-gaylorlakes0009 Lower Gaylor Lake. 2004yosemite-gaylorlakes0010 Lower Gaylor Lake. 2004yosemite-gaylorlakes0011 Lower Gaylor Lake. 2004yosemite-gaylorlakes0013 2004yosemite-gaylorlakes0014 2004yosemite-gaylorlakes0018 Lower Gaylor Lake from Upper Gaylor Lake. 2004yosemite-gaylorlakes0020 2004yosemite-gaylorlakes0022 Upper Gaylor Lake. 2004yosemite-gaylorlakes0023 2004yosemite-gaylorlakes0026 Upper Gaylor Lake. 2004yosemite-gaylorlakes0029 Upper Gaylor Lake from the abandoned house. 2004yosemite-gaylorlakes0030 2004yosemite-gaylorlakes0031 2004yosemite-gaylorlakes0033 Upper and Lower Gaylor Lakes. 2004yosemite-gaylorlakes0035 It looks like I'm floating. 2004yosemite-gaylorlakes0037