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Yosemite National Park
Serene and I visited Yosemite National Park in May and June 2004. We did a number of hikes including to Half Dome, Upper Yosemite Falls, Cathedral Lakes, and Gaylor Lakes.

Half Dome  |  Total images: 32
This was Serene's first time up Half Dome and my second. It was distinctly easier my second time because the trail conditions were much better.
Glacier Point  |  Total images: 7
The views from Glacier Point are better than those from Half Dome.
Yosemite Valley  |  Total images: 4
Various lookouts near and along the road in the valley.
Tuolumne Meadows  |  Total images: 6
Various lookouts along Tuolumne Meadows.
Lembert Dome and Dog Lake  |  Total images: 11
Lembert Dome is fairly interesting but I'd give Dog Lake a pass.
Cathedral Lakes.  |  Total images: 7
This hike is pretty boring and interminable but the lake is nice. Also, the meadows near the lake are mosquito infested.
Gaylor Lakes  |  Total images: 17
I like this set of lakes the best in the meadows. A fairly easy hike with spectacular views.
Yosemite Falls  |  Total images: 12
Hiking up the upper Yosemite Falls trail was relatively painless after descending from the higher elevations in the meadows.
Yosemite Point  |  Total images: 9
Yosemite Point is just a little over a mile away from the top of upper Yosemite Falls.