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Yosemite Falls
Hiking up the upper Yosemite Falls trail was relatively painless after descending from the higher elevations in the meadows.

2004yosemite-uppyosemitefalls0003 Upper Yosemite Falls from the trail. 2004yosemite-uppyosemitefalls0004 2004yosemite-uppyosemitefalls0006 2004yosemite-uppyosemitefalls0007 Top of Upper Yosemite Falls. 2004yosemite-uppyosemitefalls0009 River leading to the waterfall. 2004yosemite-uppyosemitefalls0010 2004yosemite-uppyosemitefalls0011 2004yosemite-uppyosemitefalls0015 Serene pointing to Yosemite point. 2004yosemite-uppyosemitefalls0019 2004yosemite-uppyosemitefalls0023 2004yosemite0060 Upper and Lower Yosemite Falls. 2004yosemite0062