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Half Dome
This was Serene's first time up Half Dome and my second. It was distinctly easier my second time because the trail conditions were much better.

2004yosemite0003 Along the Mist trail to Vernal Falls. 2004yosemite0004 Vernal Falls. 2004yosemite0005 Near the top of Vernal Falls. 2004yosemite0006 Nevada Falls. 2004yosemite0009 Top of Nevada Falls. 2004yosemite0010 2004yosemite0011 Half Dome. 2004yosemite0013 2004yosemite0014 2004yosemite0015 The cables leading up Half Dome filled with people. 2004yosemite0016 It took an hour to get to the top. 2004yosemite0017 Yosemite valley from the top of Half Dome. 2004yosemite0020 The other direction. 2004yosemite0021 2004yosemite0023 2004yosemite0024 2004yosemite0026 2004yosemite0029 2004yosemite0032 2004yosemite0038 Upper Yosemite Falls. 2004yosemite0039 About to head down. 2004yosemite0041 2004yosemite0042 Serene on the cables down. 2004yosemite0043 It's a lot less crowded now. 2004yosemite0046 2004yosemite0047 2004yosemite0048 2004yosemite0052 On the Muir trail going down. 2004yosemite0053 Nevada Falls. 2004yosemite0054 2004yosemite0055 Nevada Falls. 2004yosemite0057